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We are the holistic healthcare agency that delivers results

Our management consulting shows you your weak points and potentials. Competitive edge through excellence

First you need a strategy, no matter how small. The concept follows the strategy. Because the implementation requires the appropriate technologies and the corresponding knowledge. To give you, your brand, your company, your practice the shine it deserves.

We start with the uncomfortable questions, and listen carefully. We identify your problems, your weaknesses, your growth potential and your current position, and create a strategic plan by mapping your operations and creating a tailor-made concept for you, covering all activities such as:

  • The internal organization
  • Data acquisition
  • Budget planning
  • Cost accounting
  • Key figures
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Employee recruiting / training
  • Interface recording
  • Strategic alignment
  • and a comprehensive customized marketing concept.

We are also constantly at your side during the implementation of the concept to bring you to your desired goal and make your vision come true. Where others see chaos, we see opportunity. We create with our management consulting a benefit for your ordination or your product and solve your problems.

From problem to solution

You can count on AMP’s optimal advice and targeted management at every stage. From start-up to patient acquisition. We support you in all services.

With our consulting and advisory services we will work out a complete strategy for you, which you can tackle yourself, or in which we will accompany you throughout.

We speak your language, the language of your employees and the language of your patients and can inspire and retain them for you in the long term.

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Record the project structure
  3. Specify the role of the consultant
  4. Present solution proposals
  5. Management support or workshop

Other Services

01Branding in Healthcare

Healthcare Branding builds trust, increases confidence and creates an emotional connection with your patients. We develop your "branding message" and help you create your complete brand identity.

02Homepage and Seo

Your healthcare homepage is your business card. Especially nowadays it is even more important to present yourself professionally and trustworthy. Relevant content must be packaged well and understandably online so that you can be found quickly and create a basis of trust for your future patients.

03Healthcare Marketing

Physicians, healthcare professionals and businesses in the healthcare segment spend most of their time directly with their patients and customers. It is an important part of the communication between your business/practice/service and their outlets. It helps you build trust and position yourself, as well as market successfully.

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